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Courage: the ability to overcome fear, challenges, adversity.

The Chinese character for Courage translates to English as Courage, Bravery, Strength of Character. At Courage Sports, Inc. we believe that Courage comes in many forms. The Courage to go beyond where we are today; the Courage to discipline ourselves; the Courage to accept the challenges we face; the Courage to stand up for what we know is right. That's why we have chosen this Chinese character to be our company logo.

We have worked hard to formulate a proprietary energy blend that gives the mental focus and alertness without getting the jitters or "crash" afterwards. Get great flavor without any of the typical side effects.

So seize the can®, after all...

Life Demands Courage®

Courage Sports, Inc. is fully American owned.
The Chinese Character for Courage is the Registered Trademark of Courage Sports, Inc. It is Registered in the United States as well as Foreign Countries.